For Homeowners

For Homeowners

For Home and Attic Insulation in the Rio Grande Valley, homeowners from Brownsville to McAllen choose Valley Energy Specialist for Insulation Services that will make your home cooler, more comfortable, and ultimately lower your Electric Bills! You'll notice your electric bill drop 20% to 50%, just by having the right insulation for your home installed. Contact us TODAY for a FREE ESTIMATE!

Home Attic Insulation for Pharr, McAllen, Mission, Edinburg & Brownsville, TX from Valley Energy Specialist

Residential home and attic insulation from Valley Energy Specialist provides homeowners in South Texas big savings in monthly electric bills, while keeping your home cool all summer. Hot temperatures in the Rio Grande Valley can raise the temperature inside any South Texas attic due to thermal radiation or insufficient attic insulation. The result is high electric bills from having your Central A/C work harder than it should to keep your residence cool. The truth is that most existing homes throughout South Texas simply don't have enough insulation. Poor insulation leads to some rooms in your home being hotter than others, extremely high attic temperatures, and huge electric bills from all the energy used by your A/C.

Valley Energy Specialist trained professionals will inspect your home's insulation in McAllen, Harlingen, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, or anywhere in South Texas. We check your home's attic insulation, ventilation, and air-tightness for leaks in the building's envelope. The air-tightness of a home is important because warm and cool air will enter the home through these leaks making it harder for your mechanical systems to cool or heat your home. Leaks in your a/c ducts allow cool air to escape into the attic making your a/c work harder and inefficiently. Fixing these leaks and installing the right additional insulation where you need it can lower your electric bill from 20-50% and make summer in the Rio Grande Valley really cool.

Valley Energy Specialist provides home insulation services to homeowners in Pharr, Mission & Edinburg, TX and anywhere in the Rio Grande Valley. Give us a call today and let us help you solve your home and attic insulation problems to make your home perform better, feel cooler, and put money back in your pocket from some awesome energy savings!